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Proposed management changes at Moberg Pharma

Peter Wolpert

The Board of Directors and Nomination Committee have proposed the appointment of Anna Ljung as the new CEO of Moberg Pharma, while current CEO Peter Wolpert will transition to a role as Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The divestment of the OTC business on March 29, 2019 represents a significant change for Moberg Pharma in terms of both strategic direction and organization. Approximately half of the previous employees remain in the company, focusing on the development and commercialization of the drug project MOB-015, while the rest have followed the OTC business to the new owners. The new conditions motivate a change in leadership to a new, smaller management team appropriate for the challenges ahead.

The new management team

As proposed, the new management team will consist of four individuals: Anna Ljung (CEO), Torbjörn Wärnheim (Deputy CEO and Senior Vice President R&D), Sarah Hellerfeldt (CFO) and Annica Magnusson (Senior Director Regulatory Affairs). In addition, the company has engaged Dr. Amir Tavakkol as Senior Advisor R&D, bringing unique experience in the development and registration of nail fungus medications in the US.


“I look forward to the opportunity to transition to a role as Executive Chairman while remaining close to the new management. After 13 intensive years as CEO of Moberg Pharma, it is important for me to be able to spend more time with my family, as well as continuing to contribute in a valuable way according to the company’s new needs,” says Peter Wolpert, CEO of Moberg Pharma AB.

The organizational changes are expected to be effective from May 16, 2019 and are contingent on the approval of the incoming Board of Directors elected at the AGM on May 15, 2019, based on the Nomination Committee’s proposal; see separate press release.

Photo of Peter Wolpert: Moberg Pharma