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Publication highlights Bonesupport’s technology


The paper “Gelatin- hydroxyapatite-calcium sulphate based biomaterial for long term sustained delivery of bone morphogenic protein-2 and zoledronic acid for increased bone formation: In-vitro and in-vivo carrier properties, – D Raina et al 2018 -shows that a novel macro-porous biomaterial, Gelatin/CERAMENT, is an efficient carrier for the long-term, sustained delivery of recombinant bone morphogenic protein (rhBMP-2) and zoledronic acid (ZA) leading to increased bone formation in a pre-clinical animal model when compared to commercially available carrier for rhBMP-2.

BONESUPPORT has acquired the IP to the novel Gelatin/CERAMENT biomaterial from Seagles AB, a company owned by Lars Lidgren, who is one of the members of the Swedish/Indian research group that developed the new material and the founder of BONESUPPORT. A first patent application covering a macro porous biopolymer ceramic biomaterial as a carrier for bone active agents was submitted to the European Patent Office in September 2017.

“The Journal of Controlled Release publication clearly shows the potential of a novel CERAMENT-based biomaterial as a carrier of bioactives designed to enhance bone growth. We believe the acquisition of this technology is an important addition to our product pipeline which is focused on meeting the growing clinical need for novel osteoinductive synthetic bone graft substitutes for a broad range of orthopedic indications and, in particular in the spine,” said Dr Jerry Chang, Executive Vice President and Head of Research and Development at BONESUPPORT.