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Q&A – update from NLSDays


Two voices from this year’s NLSDays.

Dr. Olaf Ritzeler, External Science & Partnering, R&D Strategty, Science Policy & External Innovation, Sanofi

What is your main reason for attending the NLS Days and what do you hope to take with you from the conference?

“Nordic Life Science Days is really the main event to go for in the Nordics in terms of partnering and interesting discussions. For me it’s been very fruitful to join in on the one-to-one meetings in particular and that is my main focus during the conference.”

As a global life science company, what is your view on the Nordic life science industry? What are the opportunities and challenges, do you think?

“The Nordic countries constitute a big part of Europe. The region is known for its institutions like Karolinska Institute and also has defined centers in Stockholm, in Medicon Valley and in Copenhagen which is real hot spot for biotech. The Nordics are also strong in biobanking.”


Ann Edenro, Account Manager for Sweden, Norway and Finland, Taconic Biosciences

What is your main reason to attend NLS Days?

“For us it’s mainly about networking and connecting with new smaller firms that we haven’t had the possibility of working with before.”

What are you thoughts about the conference thus far?

“It’s been great! It’s an important event for me. I’ve really had the chance to connect with new people as well as meeting old colleagues. It’s also been exciting to find new ways of possible collaborations. I’ve mainly attended the one-to-one meetings which has been very productive. Four out of six meetings appear to be leading further, which I take as a good sign.”

As a global life science company, what is Tavicon’s view on working in the Nordic region?

“The Nordic countries are known to have prominent research and overall much going on, and there is definitely a will to be a part of that.”

What would you say are the strengths of Nordic life science?

“Definitely our position when it comes to research and universities. There is also a tendency now towards helping researchers to get better at going commercial. This conference shows the importance of creating the connections that are needed for that.”

Finally, any trends that have caught your eye during these two days?

“We mainly get questions about the humane immune system connected to oncology research. It appears clear that immune oncology is a hot topic but also other areas connecting to the life science industry such as the IT sector.”


Photo of Olaf Ritzeler, Sanofi