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This Nobel Prize-special issue includes for example exclusive interviews with Medicine Laureate Katalin Karikó and Chemistry Laureate Moungi Bawendi.

The Nobel Prize-special section also includes articles about the other Nobel Prize Laureates in Medicine and Chemistry and in-depth articles about nucleoside base modifications and mRNA, quantum dots and attosecond physics, and their applications within life sciences.

Five different Nordic life science strengths are also highlighted in this issue; a globally unique science study from Iceland, a successful Swedish entrepreneur, a Danish biotech powerhouse, a Finnish frontrunner within quantum computing, and a promising Norwegian startup.

In the new section My Nordic Corner four different companies describe their hometown’s life science vibe and what quality of life each offers.

We also highlight efforts and initiatives when it comes to collaboration across borders and projects making the most out of our different strongholds. After all, we are quite small nations, but together our voice can be heard and our impact and prosperity is larger.

Last, but not least, you will get advice on how to pitch to life science VCs and read about the latest conferences and events!

This, and much more, in our latest issue!

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