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Recipharm and Medspray launch joint venture

Jean Francoise Hilaire

Recipharm and Medspray have completed a previously announced joint venture and established Resyca BV.

Resyca will develop and exploit the softmist spray nozzle technology for pharmaceutical applications. This has the potential to eliminate the need for propellants by delivering therapies deep into the lungs more effectively with lower doses as less ends up in the mouth and throat, states the companies.

“We are seeing some excellent traction in this field and have already signed an agreement with several more in the pipeline. The fit with Recipharm’s broader inhalation activities is very clear and is part of our strategy to be the world leading integrated device development and manufacturing provider,” says Jean-François Hilaire, EVP Strategy and Global Integration, Recipharm.

About the investment

Recipharm’s investment in Resyca has been made through its subsidiary Recipharm BV. Resyca will operate development facilities in Munich, Germany and spray nozzles will be supplied exclusively from Medspray in the Netherlands. It is envisaged that commercial supply of finished devices will be manufactured and supplied by other Recipharm affiliates including the specialist device manufacturing capabilities located in King’s Lynn, UK.

Additionally, Recipharm will receive an exclusive license to offer its customers the development and manufacturing of syringe-based devices using the softmist nozzle technology. Such devices will be marketed by Recipharm under the brand ‘Bespak by Recipharm’.

Photo of Jean-François Hilaire, EVP Strategy and Global Integration, Recipharm