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Recipharm invests in its US inhalation development service

Recipharm has invested USD 450,000 into its Research Triangle Park (RTP), North Carolina, US facility to install a SprayVIEW system that will support inhalation and nasal product development.

The newly acquired system was installed alongside an environmental controlled aerosol collection chamber for inhalation testing and a metered dose inhaler (MDI) and dry powder inhaler (DPI) pilot process lab.

SprayVIEW is a primary instrument for the characterisation of aerosols or sprays emitted from MDIs, soft mist inhalers and nasal sprays through the measurement of spray pattern and plume geometry. Both are important factors that affect spray performance and SprayVIEW is an important tool that can visualise changes in other critical quality attributes (CQAs) of inhaled and nasal products.

“Expanding our expertise”

“By employing the SprayVIEW system and expanding our expertise in this technique, we are strengthening our capabilities in inhalation and nasal product development and manufacturing,” says Lei Mao, Director Inhalation Science and Product Development at Recipharm. “Inhalation products are extremely complex to develop and manufacture and it is important to understand potential interactions between the formulation and the delivery device throughout the development stages. Acquiring a SprayVIEW system has allowed our development team to successfully characterise a nasal spray product currently under development. In addition, our expertise in this technique adds new services for our innovator and generics customers who are coming to us for inhalation and nasal product development, as well as for standalone SprayVIEW analysis.”

These investments will enable Recipharm’s development team to support customers in both innovative and generic inhalation and nasal product development and provide validation and transfer support when launching new inhalable drug products.