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Recipharm and Pharmanest collaborate

Recipharm Karlskoga AB and Pharmanest AB form a collaboration for commercial manufacture and supply of SHACT.

SHACT is a product based on a formulation of the anesthetic lidocaine and a proprietary application device developed to simplify topical application in the cervix and uterus. It is applied topically in the cervix and uterus with a device developed by Pharmanest. The two companies have reached a milestone in their existing collaboration and Pharmanest is now preparing its candidate SHACT for launch.

Also, the companies have reached a long term agreement for commercial manufacturing. Recipharm and Pharmanest will jointly offer commercial supply to any market that Pharmanest determine to enter for supply and sales of their first pharmaceutical product SHACT.


“I am very pleased that Pharmanest and Recipharm have entered into this new collaboration following the product development success achieved to date. Given the strong clinical data we are now rapidly moving toward commercialization.We look forward to working closely with Recipharm for the commercial manufacture of the product and, indeed, to pooling our respective skills and capabilities to supply the pharmaceutical product to key target markets,” says Gunilla Lundmark, CEO at Pharmanest.