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Relaxbirth Expanding to U.S., Gulf

Finnish medtech company Relaxbirth, which has developed a device to make the experience of childbirth better and quicker, is expanding to the U.S. and the Gulf.

 A pilot project at the Summa Akron City Hospital in Ohio is yielding positive feedback while participation in the Global Access program of the UCLA Anderson Business School, where final year MBA students are working with the company, has generated leads from interested hospitals in California.

 “We are targeting mainly private maternity clinics and those public hospitals that are progressive in their methods,” said Marianne Ehrnrooth, vice president of Relaxbirth.  “These exist in some European countries, in the U.S. and in the Gulf states.”


The Relaxbirth Birthing Support Device has been designed to allow women to change their position quickly during labor and be more comfortable.