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Research award to microbiology professor

Researcher and professor Catharina Svanborg and the politician Barbro Westerholm have received Research! Sweden’s scientists award 2014.

The independent foundation Research! Sweden has decided to award Catharina Svanborg for her groundbreaking research. Svanborg is professor of microbiology at Lund University and chief physician at Skåne University Hospital.

“Catharina’s research has been of great importance for the medical research where she has done some groundbreaking discoveries within the cancer field. A discovery that has successfully been carried over to clinical studies,” commented Anna Nilsson Vindefjärd, General Secretary for the organization.


Especially distinctive is Svanborg’s discovery of the breast milk substance HAMLET that can be used to treat cancer.

The foundation’s political award will be given to the member of the parliament Barbro Westerholm for her commitment within research issues.