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Restructuring at Medivir

Medivir will merge its Research and Development unit and implement changes within the management Group.

The company has announces that, as the next step in the company’s optimisation process, its research and development operations will be merged into a joint unit as of 1 October 2015, headed by Richard Bethell who will hold the new title of EVP Research & Development. The new unit will span the entire process, from the early research to the late-stage development phases.

Medivir will also create a new function to house all regulatory skills and areas of responsibility, headed by Åsa Holmgren who will hold the new title of EVP Strategic Regulatory Affairs. Åsa, who was recently recruited to the company, hereby becomes a member of Medivir’s management group.

In light of the reorganization process, Charlotte Edenius, EVP Development, has chosen to take on new challenges outside Medivir.

“Charlotte has most admirably built up a development organization with a wide area of expertise, which enables Medivir to efficiently run projects from the selection of a candidate drug to clinical studies on patients. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Charlotte Edenius for her huge commitment and valuable performance, and at the same time welcome Åsa Holmgren to the management group,” says Niklas Prager, President and CEO of Medivir AB.

Source: Medivir