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SciLifeLab launches new facilities

The national board of SciLifeLab has decided to launch nine new national facilities available for Swedish researchers with start January 1st 2015.

The new national facilities will be incorporated into the existing SciLifeLab national platforms and include activities also at Umeå University (cryo EM), Linköping University (CyTOF) and Chalmers University of Technology (Big Data).

Two facilities will be for cryo electron microscopy, two facilities based on the CyTOF technology, two facilities for analysis of complex data sets (Big Data and Bioinformatics) and three facilities focusing on the analysis of single cells (Single cell genomics, Microbial single cell genomics and Single cell proteomics).

SciLifeLab has nine national platforms offering technologies and services to researchers all over Sweden. Each platform has a national steering board responsible for the service offering, strategic decisions and priority management and comprises one to eight facilities.