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Sectra DoseTrack honored with AuntMinnie’s award

Sectra DoseTrack, a solution for radiation dose monitoring from the IT and medical technology company Sectra, has been awarded the title Best New Radiology Software by the radiology portal

Sectra DoseTrack enables major time and quality gains in medical care and reduces the risk of patients being exposed to unnecessarily high radiation doses in conjunction with radiology examinations.

“The Minnies award for Best New Radiology Software is a well-deserved honor for Sectra,” said Brian Casey,’s editor in chief. “Radiation dose monitoring applications like Sectra DoseTrack are becoming increasingly important as radiology professionals look to reduce and better monitor the level of dose delivered to patients.”


With an aging population, the number of radiology examinations is growing and they are becoming more complex. By gathering and comparing radiation dose values from performed radiology examinations, the care providers receive documentation that contributes to enabling the medical care sector to reduce radiation doses without impacting diagnostic quality. By automating data collection, the medical care sector saves valuable time. The system also enables monitoring of equipment to detect whether an X- ray device is exposing patients to too much radiation, or to follow up on individual patients to avoid excessive radiation. Sectra DoseTrack is a certified ACR software partner.