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MD Biomedical Joins Senzime

Umeå spin-off and medtech company MD Biomedical has been acquired by Swedish company Senzime as a subsidiary, according to Biotech Umeå.

MD Biomedical has developed a probe called Onzurf, which can be used to monitor the status of an organ from the surface. The development was based on MD Biomedical’s research at Umeå University and Norrland’s University Hospital. The probe provides better resolution compared with traditional blood samples.

For its part, Senzime develops and markets products for both healthcare and pharmaceutical markets, based on biosensor technology.

MD Biomedical will remain an Umeå-based subsidiary to Senzime and Pernilla Abrahamsson, CEO and founder of MD Biomedical, will continue working with research and development.

 Source: Biotech Umeå