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Senzime signs distribution agreement

Lena Söderström Senzime

Senzime has entered distribution agreements for the commercialization of TetraGraph with Wardray Premise, who will be the exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland and LSR Healthcare who will be the exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand.

Compensation to distributors will be paid on a “per-unit sold” basis, and is in line with current industry compensation, in which there are no guaranteed sales.

“Wardray and LSR are ideal partners for several reasons. They have a complementary product portfolio and previously distributed the TOF-Watch, which was recently withdrawn from the market. Additionally, the distributors have the infrastructure and experience needed to make the TetraGraph into a market leader in these countries. Discussions with additional potential partners are in progress, the CE mark is in its final phase and we expect that sales will commence during the first half of 2017,” said Lena Söderström, Senzimes CEO.

The TetraGraph is an innovative and user-friendly system for monitoring patients undergoing general anesthesia with muscle relaxant drugs. The system makes it possible to objectively determine the correct dose of muscle relaxants, and helps the clinician determine when the patient is sufficiently recovered to sustain spontaneous breathing. The TetraGraph is intended to easily and precisely monitor the effects of muscle relaxant drugs and their reversal agents and reduce postoperative complications and healthcare costs. The system consists of a portable, hand-held patient monitoring unit and non-invasive disposable sensors.

Every year, over 70 million patients undergo surgery and receive muscle relaxant drugs; research has shown that over 30 percent of patients suffer from postoperative complications if objective neuromuscular monitoring is not used. The TetraGraph is an inexpensive and easy-to-use solution that helps clinicians avoid postoperative complications in their patients.