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She is the new Head of FIMM Metabolomics Unit

Anni Nieminen-Viheriäranta

Anni Nieminen-Viheriäranta started as the new Head of Metabolomics Unit of the FIMM Technology Centre in May.

Her background is in cancer cell biology and metabolic reprogramming. She finished her PhD on cancer and apoptosis in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki, in 2014. After that, she has worked as an Academy of Finland funded Postdoctoral fellow at Nutrient sensing lab in Finland and at the CRUK Beatson Institute in Glasgow in Karen Vousden’s lab.

“Metabolism is exciting”

“I have always found metabolism exciting because of its complex regulation, diverse pathways and defects in diseases,” says Anni Nieminen-Viheriäranta.

After the first three months at FIMM, she feels excited and positive that the FIMM Metabolomics Unit will already during fall start providing high quality analysis service for fluxomics and metabolic profiling customized for diseases and research questions, she says.

Source: Mari Kaunisto, FIMM