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Sigrid Therapeutics enters manufacturing deal

Sana Alajmovic

Sigrid Therapeutics has signed a collaboration agreement with the Japanese company AGC Si-Tech.

“Discussions with AGC have been underway for years, and we’re very satisfied that we’ve now landed an agreement and managed to scale up manufacturing of SiPore15,” says Sana Alajmovic, CEO, Sigrid Therapeutics.

Increased interest in the market

While there are no approved treatment options for prediabetes, the diabetes prevention market is expected to triple during the next six years to USD 1.8 billion in US, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany and France. Similar growth is expected in the obesity market, which today is worth USD 6.1 billion, states the company.


“We’re seeing increased interest in the market and expect to have a commercial partnership deal in place in two to three years,” says Alajmovic.

A clinical study in the EU

Already Sigrid has a clinical study in the EU with 400 prediabetics and type 2 diabetics underway, the results of which will form the basis for a CE-mark application in Europe.

“With large-scale production in place, we’ll also speed up the dialogue for launching the product in the U.S. as a dietary supplement, by ourselves or through a partner,” says Alajmovic.

Photo of Sana Alajmovic: Sigrid Therapeutics