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Sigrid Therapeutics raises 8.4 million USD

Sana Alajmovic

This financing round was raised from US, Irish and Swedish investors.

Several family offices, among them Hans and Barbara Bergström, and the Mattsson family, founder of spice giant Santa Maria have chosen to take part in Sigrid’s recent capital raise. They are joined by investment company Crosslight Partners and, among international players, Irish investment network Irrus Investments, led by Mike Ryan, former managing director of Nasdaq-listed Sedana Medical and US based global VC fund Joyance Partners.

“A powerful, drug-free response to the overwhelming world-wide diabetes epidemic, Sigrid represents a whole new approach to addressing chronic conditions,” says Joyance Managing Partner Mike Edelhart. “It is emblematic of our funds’ focus on helping people live longer and better lives. We look forward to helping Sigrid expand to the US market.”


Agreement with AGC Si-Tech

The concept recently moved a major step closer to these two multibillion-dollar markets when a production agreement, which secures access to large-scale industrial production, was signed with Japanese AGC Si-Tech.

The basis for CE marking in the EU

The money raised by Sigrid Therapeutics in the new round will be used for a clinical study that will form the basis for CE marking in the EU.

“With large-scale production in place, we will also speed up plans for product launch in the US as a dietary supplement. The dietary supplement market is now expected to grow from $130 billion today to $230 billion by 2027, according to US market research firm Grand View Research. We want to bring our deep science approach to this market,”says Sana Alajmovic, CEO, Sigrid Therapeutics.

Photo of Sana Alajmovic: Sigrid Therapeutics