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LE Servo – high quality and increased productivity

If it is important to have high quality and increased productivity, there is a complement to pneumatics – LE Servo.

For those who need to position, we have the easiest and most affordable electrical devices on the segment between AC servo and pneumaticsc. And for you who run big loads at high speed, we have AC servo motors that will solve your application.

Advanced technology-but easy-to-use and affordable.

You can get it just the way you want it, but considerably more cost effective. LE-servo gives you a variety of possibilities, is easy to deploy, easy to use, with exact positioning, high precision and reliability.

Benefits of LE servo is:

  • High quality and increased productivity
  • You save time and money – it’s easy to install, test and use
  • High quality on your machine and productivity increases.
  • You get a flexible machine that is easy to reset.

We would like to tell more about LE-servo and discuss possibilities around LE and how it can improve your production. Therefore, we offer you our full support during start-up and offers education to all that is involved.

For questions please contact Marcus Rydstedt, 08-603 1262

SMC is the world’s largest manufacturer of pneumatics with an enormous depth and knowledge. In addition, we have own warehouse and a bunch of retailers who can provide you with direct support.

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