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SpinChem granted new patents


SpinChem AB in Umeå has been granted several new patents relating to the construction of its proprietary rotating bed reactors (RBR) and their use in chemical and biological processes.

The applications of the RBR technology are numerous. Examples can be found in the production of biodiesel, the production of fermented beverages and the manufacturing of ingredients for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

The approved patents show, among other things, how enzymes bound to a solid support, or contained within encapsulated cells, can be made to produce desired molecules more efficiently by creating faster and more efficient transport of components in the solution to the enzymes. Corresponding improvements can also be achieved for ‘chemical clean-up’ processes such as required for industrial water treatment. In all cases the results are expected to generate considerable improvements in processes productivity. The success of the technology has resulted in SpinChem recruiting additional staff to increase the pace of product development and sales.

“We are investing ahead on all fronts,” said Emil Byström, CEO at SpinChem AB. He continues; “Six months ago we hired another product developer and recently we hired a PhD chemist for development of new applications and processes. At the same time we have made great efforts in marketing and sales. We recently launched a new website and are in advanced negotiations with distributors in several countries. The future looks very promising.”