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The right bioanalytical CRO service partner for quantification of biomarkers in animal or human matrices

Wieslab Laboratory Services Dedicated bioanalytical and diagnostic services

Wieslab has the knowledge base that can make a difference to your study!

Wieslab Bioanalytical CRO service partner offers custom and kit-based services for quantifying cytokines, chemokines, and other biomarkers in animal or human matrices. Our scientists use ELISA, RIA or Electrochemiluminescence (ECL)-based assays to perform the biomarker work.

We perform in-house assay development and validation as well as use kits produced by other vendors. When applicable, we use kits from by our parent company Euro Diagnostica. We have experience with a broad range of cytokines and other biomarker assays using the assay system from Meso Scale Discovery (MSD).

Our bioanalytical CRO services are centered on large molecules (biologics and biosimilars) with a focus on immune-mediated diseases. We provide services for non-clinical as well as Phase I – III and post-marketing clinical studies for pharma, CRO and biotech clients.

Wieslab Laboratory Services Dedicated bioanalytical and diagnostic services

Wieslab offers both clinical diagnostic testing as well as a wide range of bioanalytical services. The laboratory services are performed in an ISO 17025, GCP and GLP compliant environment ensuring that the regulatory requirements are met.

Wieslab – Your Bioanalytical CRO service partner

We offer method development/transfer, validation and samples analysis within our bioanalytical service areas:

  • Method transfer – transfer and optimization of non-validated or validated assays to client specifications
  • Method development – development of assays from scratch, or adaptation of any commercially available assay kit. We also offer optimisation services of customers assays
  • Validation – validation of assays following relevant guidelines and white papers. Assays are always validated using a “fit for purpose” approach
  • Sample analysis – from one plate, or a non-clinical study to Phase III clinical trial projects and post-marketing. Wieslab can handle variable sample numbers and large volumes to meet the needs of our clients.

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