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NEW Collaboration: Wieslab & LabPortalen/InfoSolutions

Wieslab and LabPortalen/InfoSolutions in new collaboration

A complete and secure system for electronic handling of test reports

Wieslab AB and InfoSolutions Sverige AB announce a collaboration that will enable the handling of test reports from Wieslab Diagnostic Services electronically in the InfoSolutions platform LabPortalen.

LabPortalen is a national and independent Swedish service for exchanging request forms and test results between laboratories and care providers. Today the service connects over 1000 different care providers with over 20 laboratories.

As a new customer for InfoSolutions’ platform LabPortalen, Wieslab now can connect Health Care Providers and Laboratories for digital management of test reports.

The cooperation agreement covers the product LabPortalen and services to be part of InfoSolutions’ Sampling Network, which gives Wieslab the opportunity to both expose its services and the opportunity to deliver electronic result reports to its customers via a complete and secure system.

Through the web-based LabPortal solution, you can handle the entire information management around the test result process. When the samples have been analyzed, an electronic results report can be retrieved by the Care Provider through the LabPortal who can go through the test results with the patient.

For Laboratories such as Wieslab, a collaboration with LabPortalen means that it’s possible to structurally receive the information needed from the Care Provider and there are also great advantages regarding patient safety by avoiding handling of tests results on paper and switching to digital management.

“Through the integration with LabPortalen, we now have a complete and secure system for electronic handling of test reports,” says Michael Akoh, Managing Director, Wieslab Laboratory Services. “In the first phase, our customers will have access to receiving test reports through the portal. Later, we will also be providing the option to order tests through the portal. We are excited about the benefits that this provides to our customers as test reports will now be able to be accessed immediately after the sample has been analyzed in the laboratory”, continues Michael Akoh.

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