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SwedenBIO’s Life Science Barometer has been released

The Life Science Barometer is an annual survey with the aim of offering unique insights and fresh statistics about the Swedish life science industry.

A record number of companies participated in the survey for this year’s edition, which makes the report SwedenBIO’s most comprehensive to date. The report is produced by SwedenBIO in collaboration with Medicon Village Innovation, Sahlgrenska Science Park, Stockholm Science City Foundation, STUNS Life Science and Citeline.

A smorgasbord of data, graphs and numbers

The survey confirms the importance of Sweden having the entire value chain in the development of life science products established and available within the country, from basic research in academia, commercial research and development in companies, to clinical trials in healthcare and world-class pharmaceutical production, states SwedenBIO.

“The barometer functions as a smorgasbord of data, graphs and numbers, which invites discussion, reflection and further analysis. It complements hard facts and industry statistics on the state of the life sciences industry and offers a snapshot of its optimism, concerns and trends,” says Maja Neiman, Science Director, SwedenBIO.

Key figures from the report

The barometer offers unique insights that are missing in previous statistics in that it is a qualitative survey with fresh data from 200 Swedish company managers, SwedenBIO states further.

A few key figures from the report:

– Medtech is the largest segment with 61% of a total of 4,000 companies in the industry.

– Research and development is the main activity among small and medium-sized companies.

– A majority of the companies are privately owned.

– Financing is the biggest concern for the companies.

Read the report here!

Photo of Maja Neiman (right): Eva Garmendia