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Published on May 30th, 2016 | by TA Instruments Sweden


New TAM IV from TA Instruments


TA Instruments introduces the new TAM IV and TAM IV-48, the world’s most sensitive, stable, and flexible microcalorimeter systems. The TAM IV is a completely modular design that combines the highest heat flow sensitivity with unmatched long-term temperature stability for measuring processes that are undetectable by other techniques. This flexible platform includes a wide range of calorimeter configurations and sample handlings systems for maximum flexibility and optimum productivity. Feature enhancements on the TAM IV include extended operating temperature range (4°C to 150°C), and innovations for accurate, precise, and reliable performance.

The TAM IV is ideal for studying thermal activity by heat flow, heat capacity, and enthalpy. It is used for a wide range of applications, including material science, pharmaceuticals, chemistry and studies of living organisms and excels in both research environments and production control processes.

Commenting on the introduction, Terry Kelly, President of TA Instruments said, “We are excited about the new TAM IV and its ability to provide unmatched performance for isothermal calorimetric measurements. It’s innovations and extended operating temperature range ensure unmatched thermal stability and flexibility for evaluating drug formulation, measuring metabolic signatures in biopharmaceutical samples, as well as characterizing the thermal stability profiles of energetic materials such as batteries and propellants.”

The TAM IV continues TA Instruments’ long history of product innovation and excellence. The TAM IV-48 expands the TAM IV capabilities as a high throughput microcalorimeter system that can be configured to accommodate up to 48 individual calorimeters. The power and flexibility of the TAM IV thermostat, coupled with the available calorimeters creates an analytical platform suitable for any laboratory and offers performance and sample throughput that is unmatched.

TA Instruments – a subsidiary of Waters Corporation (NYSE: WAT) – is the leading manufacturer of analytical instruments for thermal analysis, rheology, and microcalorimetry. The company is headquartered in New Castle, Delaware, USA, and has direct operations in 23 countries.

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