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Targovax granted US Patent

Targovax has announced that the US Patent and Trademark office has granted US patent no 9,345,787 for Targovax’ lead viral product ONCOS-102.

ONCOS-102 is a purposefully engineered human serotype 5 adenovirus optimized to induce systemic anti-tumor T cell response in cancer patients.

“This patent is an important component of Targovax’s intellectual property portfolio covering specific vaccine candidates,” says Antti Vuolanto, Executive Vice President of Targovax. “We have now confirmed patent protection of our lead viral product candidate until 2029 in the US which is the biggest market for immune oncology products.”


The main characteristics of ONCOS-102 include:

  • The adenovirus knob protein targeting the virus into the host cells is replaced with a protein from different adenovirus (serotype 3) to facilitate the specific entrance of ONCOS-102 into tumor cells
  • One of the genes affecting virus replication in the host cells is inactivated (D24 deletion). As a result, the virus cannot replicate in normal cells, but can do so in tumor cells
  • A gene coding for GM-CSF, a drug stimulating the immune response, inserted into the virus genome and expressed during the virus replication in the tumor cell.

In a previous Phase I trial, ONCOS-102 treatment induced tumor specific immune activation both at a systemic and lesional level. The immune activation was associated with clinical benefit.

During 2016, Targovax aims to initiate four clinical Phase I and I/II trials in several indications to study ONCOS-102 in combination with other treatments such as immune checkpoint inhibitors, DC therapy and chemotherapy.