About Techtum

Since 1975 Techtum has provided laboratories working with DNA, RNA and proteins with innovative instruments and consumables. Techtum is especially appreciated for its skilled staff, fast personal contacts, trusted support and service also after purchase.
Our goal is to offer our customers innovative/smart/cost effective products to help in research or diagnostics.
Our motivation is that you as a customer should feel that we are giving you that little extra in the form of better products, better service and support than what you can get elsewhere.


Our focus areas

  • Accurate concentration measuring of DNA/RNA/proteins/cells – DropSense
  • Reagents: QPCR/PCR/NGS library preparation/extraction/cancer panels/cell freezing media and more
  • PCR instruments incl. gel photo and capillary electrophoresis
  • QPCR instruments and robots for QPCR reaction setup
  • Robots for NGS library preparation and for extraction
  • Safe sample storage for biobanks, incl. tubes, scanners, software and decappers
  • True Digital PCR system – leading RainDrop platform for liquid biopsy and more


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