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The Nobel Prize announcements

It is once again time to honor extraordinary scientific discoveries.

We have covered the announcements, written about the discoveries and interviewed the Laureates since 2008.

Stay updated by visiting our site and reading our upcoming issues of the magazine! Until the 2022 announcements and interviews, here are some highlights from the past 15 years!



The Nobel Prize – Editor’s Pick



Our Nobel issues have included exclusive interviews with the Laureates, in-depth articles about the discoveries and their applications within life sciences, as well as Nordic progress in the different Nobel-awarded areas. Throughout the years, we have had the opportunity to meet and interview many Nobel Laureates in Chemistry and Medicine, and these are some of my favorites!



Nordic Nobel Laureates


May-Britt Moser


Throughout the years, Nordic Life Science has interviewed many Nobel Laureates, and among them a few Nordic ones. Read the article about our Nordic Nobel Laureates here!



David MacMillan, Nobel Laureate 2021: “Organic stuff just makes sense”



Sometimes a simple event can have far-reaching consequences, as in the case of Princeton University professor Dr. David MacMillan, when a leaky roof led to an award-filled career in chemistry.

Read the interview with David McMillan here!



Benjamin List, Nobel Laureate 2021: “Follow your enthusiasm”



One of the best things with being a scientist, according to Nobel Laureate Benjamin List, is that you discover things that nobody else has seen before – and, following his own advice, he is now happy trying to tackle “holy grails” in catalysis.

Read the interview with Benjamin List here!



David Julius, Nobel Laureate 2021: “We need to restore the faith in science”


David Julius


One of Nobel Laureate David Julius’ greatest joys is when people in his lab show him exciting data and make their own discoveries, and as a scientist and educator his goal is to bring society back to fact-based thinking.

Read the interview with David Julius here!

Featured image: Nobel interviews with Tomas Lindahl (Chemistry) 2015, Photo Jenny Öhman, and Brian Kobilka and Robert Lefkowitz (Chemistry) 2012