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The Nobel Prize – Editor’s Pick

Since 2008 Nordic Life Science has dedicated one of our issues every year to the Nobel Prize.

These issues have included exclusive interviews with the Laureates, in-depth articles about the discoveries and their applications within life sciences, as well as Nordic progress in the different Nobel-awarded areas.

Throughout the years, we have had the opportunity to meet and interview many Nobel Laureates in Chemistry and Medicine, and these are some of my favorites!


Ada Yonath



A Scientist at the Grand Hotel

This was one of the first Nobel interviews I made. My impressions of Ada Yonath was that she was warm, genuine and a true scientist – and very unfamiliar with the Nobel festivities and the ongoing attention around her.

Read the interview with Ada Yonath here!






Better than Nature Herself

This cool Laureate in Chemistry was interviewed by Chris Tachibana. Read about her bold approaches to optimizing enzymes for society’s benefit.

Read the interview with Frances H. Arnold here!






A Passion for Immunotherapy

As a result of James Allison’s decades of work, immunotherapy has become one of the key treatments for some cancers. James Allison was interviewed by Ellen Delisio.

Read the interview with James Allison here!







Lighting up Science

Just as the development of immunotherapy felt very close to the patients, this Chemistry Prize felt very close to the lab. The discovery and development of GFP is used in almost every cell biology lab in the world.

Read the interview with Martin Chalfie here!



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Featured photo of Frances Arnold at the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony in Stockholm 2018. Copyright: Nobel Media. Photo: Alexander Mahmoud