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The Stockholm Material Hub receives 0.5 MEUR from European Regional Development Fund

The Stockholm Material Hub (SMH) has secured funding from the EU’s European Regional Development Fund, enabling continued research into novel materials and their use in life science applications.

SMH is coordinated by Stockholm University (SU) and integrates materials expertise existing in Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Karolinska Institute (KI) and other academic institutions. The vision of the hub is to become the core source of knowledge in the general field of materials research, consistently spinning off innovation either through the establishment of new SMEs and strengthening the existing local SMEs. SMH is led by Professor James Shen, Aji Mathew and Mirva Eriksson at Stockholm University.

“Our own research at the Department of Material and Environmental Chemistry (MMK) is focusing on developing new materials for a sustainable society, employing green synthesis and sustainable processing routes. The MMK department has a long-standing track record of developing novel materials for life science applications,” says  James Shen.

Collaboration with Sigrid Therapeutics

The funding news was announced by Sigrid Therapeutics, a long-term collaboration partner to SMH.

“Professor James Shen and his research group are world leaders in the research and development of novel materials. We are delighted to learn that the Stockholm Material Hub has received this funding,” says Sana Alajmovic, CEO Sigrid Therapeutics. “For us, this means that we will be able to continue our fruitful collaboration and expand our project portfolio based on our SiPoreTM platform technology, with continued access to cutting edge-physiochemical characterization equipment and some of the most skilled material researchers out there.”

The funding covers 2020-2024.