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Experience our LSR Capabilities in Virtual Reality

Take a virtual tour through the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions facility in Stein am Rhein, Switzerland, and see how LSR components can provide value and benefits.

Discover why custom engineered LSR components are seeing use in more and more applications by taking a 360° tour of Trelleborg’s state-of-the-art production facility in Stein am Rhein.

From the tool machining centre to cleanrooms and the production floor, see the full facility in close-up detail. Travel behind the scenes and take a look inside a CNC machine to see how precision molds are manufactured then fly over the automated production floor in full flow.

Learn how 2K components are created and see the advanced machines developing the zero-defect, robust products that customers across the world rely on.

Finish the tour by visiting two showrooms, dedicated to automotive, healthcare and medical applications to see where LSR parts have benefitted everything from cars to drug delivery systems.

Can’t wait? Take the first part of the 360° tour around the facility now on YouTube. If viewing from mobile devices, please note that the full 360° capabilities are only available within the YouTube app.

Contact your local Trelleborg Sealing Solutions marketing company to find an event near you that will feature the full LSR Capabilities VR Tour, including the facility tour, additional action shots, information, interactivity and showrooms.

The LSR Capabilities VR Tour joins the ever-growing range of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Digital Tools and Services.

To view the full range of tools and apps available to download now, click here.

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