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TSS launches innovative BLE powered temperature monitoring solutions

Swedish provider of temperature monitoring solutions for the life science industry TSS introduces a new era of efficiency, with next generation Bluetooth Low Energy temperature monitoring solutions that help life science supply chain professionals automate their processes for time and cost savings, while securing patient safety.

Stockholm, 23 April 2021: In business, we often think of efficiency either as an ideal – an abstract concept to aim for – or as a potential way of improving the bottom line. But in the life science industry, the consequences of an inefficient temperature monitoring process are immediate and profound. Shipments are delayed or unnecessarily discarded, clinical trials are compromised at huge expense and, most seriously, patients do not receive the drugs they need, when they need them – with potentially life-threatening results. This has to change.

TSS’s new Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) solution represents a significant transformational opportunity for the life science industry, offering a complete, intuitive, and user-friendly solution for temperature monitoring of drug shipment and storage.

The TSS BLE solution consists of data loggers for shipment and storage monitoring, connecting to TSS Cloud via a fixed gateway or a mobile app. It is suitable for the commercial and clinical supply chain, as well as for pharmacies and healthcare facilities storing drugs.

The TSS TempTracer BLE is a wireless temperature data logger that removes the need for manual intervention and data upload by operators, automatically capturing and transmitting data at sending and receiving sites, as well as key points on the shipment’s journey. The data is used for release of goods, and advanced analytics in the TSS system’s powerful reporting tool, offering life science companies actionable insights to optimize their operations. TSS TempTracer BLE is designed to be fully recyclable and thanks to its credit card sized form factor, both a responsible and practical choice for the modern supply chain.

The TSS TempMonitor BLE offers wireless monitoring of storage facilities, with both internal temperature sensor and support for up to 2 external probes. It can be used as a stand-alone solution (with data visualized in the TSS system) or automatically feed data from clinical sites into TSS Clinical Module – a software solution for automatic temperature excursion management. TSS TempMonitor BLE eliminates the risk of data gaps due to missed or infrequent uploads, ensuring full visibility of temperature exposure before dispensation of drugs to patients.

With this new ecosystem –loggers, gateway, TSS Cloud and mobile app – TSS are now able to offer an innovative method for customers to gain rich insights from tracking and temperature data.

By automating the upload process, customers can gain both significant efficiency savings in terms of human intervention, while also reducing the risk of data gaps introduced through operator error. Excursions can also be automatically relayed to relevant users, allowing them to deal with them promptly and effectively. No more repetitive trips across the warehouse looking for a laptop for USB upload – just seamless, hands-free, stress-free reporting, optimizing release times and reducing waste.

“The life science industry is a vital source of innovation and utilization of technology in the modern world, whether applying machine learning for cancer diagnosis or developing new treatments. The desire and ability to adopt new technologies should not however be confined to the medical field, but to other areas essential for efficient and safe drug distribution. In recent years we have seen more interest in digitalization, both in terms of the use of big data and in the application of automation to control process and enhance visibility in the supply chain. This has become even more of a priority since the onset of the C-19 pandemic.”
“TSS’s seamless Bluetooth solutions are the next exciting step in our long history of innovating for pharma, with pharma. After deep-diving into challenges with process efficiency and adherence in the industry today, we are proud to introduce the next step to a more cost and resource efficient operation, that also bring insights, oversight, and visibility. I truly believe that this will revolutionize the way that our customers operate their supply chains.” Niclas Ohlsson, CEO

At TSS we are enormously excited about the benefits our new solution can bring to the life science industry. This innovation demonstrates our commitment to achieving operational transformation at every stage of the shipment and storage journey.

The future is here. Today.

To learn more about how TSS’s BLE monitoring solutions can benefit your business, visit or contact Nina Nilsson, Chief Revenue Officer.

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