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Vaccibody enters new partnership

Agnete Fredriksen

The Norwegian company is entering into a clinical collaboration with the American biopharmaceutical company Nektar Therapeutics.

The aim of the collaboration is to explore positive effects from the combination of Vaccibody’s personalized cancer vaccine VB10.NEO and Nektar Therapeutics cancer drug NKTR-214. Pre clinical results of the combination are positive and the collaboration will mark the start of a clinical trial stage, reports the company.

The clinical trials will include patients with head and neck cancer and initially involve 10 patients.

Nektar Therapeutics

Nasdaq Nektar Therapeutics market value is set as high as 10 billion dollars, reports Oslo Cancer Cluster.

“For a year now, Nektar might be the most talked about company within immunotherapy and this winter they landed the largest deal of its kind with Bristol Meyers-Squibb (BMS),” says Agnete Fredriksen, President and Chief Scientific Officer, in an interview with Norwegian newspaper Finansavisen. “That they want to work with us is a nice validation of Vaccibody and makes us able to help even more cancer patients. We hope the combination of our products will lead to even better treatments.”

About the partnership

Nektar and Vaccibody each will maintain ownership of their own compounds in the clinical collaboration, and the two companies will jointly own clinical data that relate to the combination of their respective technologies. Under the terms of the agreement and following the completion of the pilot study, the two companies will evaluate if they will take the partnership to the next stage, reports Oslo Cancer Cluster.