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Vigmed sets eyes on Nasdaq OMX Small Cap


The board of Vigmed has initiated a process to prepare the company for a change of venue for the company’s shares from NASDAQ OMX First North to NASDAQ OMX Stockholm Small Cap.

Vigmed states that it is a natural step considering the anticipated growth linked to the fact that the company now has started selling its products in selected markets and gradually intends to launch new product lines as well as enter a number of additional markets.

On August 19 the board conducted its annual strategic review where it was decided to form an operating company in China as a subsidiary of Vigmed China Ltd. in Hong Kong. Through the newly formed company Vigmed plans to initiate a registration process of selected products on the Chinese market. The company intends to communicate an action plan for the Asian market during the autumn.


“These decisions are the natural result of the company’s expected rapid expansion. After a challenging period securing the product quality and stabilizing production, we are entering a very exciting and positive commercialization phase. With a very competent and motivated organization in place and through the cooperation with our partners and end customers, we are now actively through our products working towards reducing risks of disease transmission through needle products,” says Finn Ketler, CEO of Vigmed.