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MiniTEM – Quantitative EM at your fingertips

Vironova launches MiniTEM,  a desk-top instrument designed for easy TEM imaging and quantitative analysis of biological as well as inorganic samples. MiniTEM has a streamlined degree of automation in the microscope alignment, image acquisition and analysis processes. The system offers a unique approach to rapid, automated and cost efficient nanoparticle characterization and aid in diagnostics through miniaturized TEM and image analysis technology.

The MiniTEM system runs at 25 keV, which enables high-quality imaging of biological samples with a thickness up to at least 100nm. The height of the microscope is only 70cm and it can be placed on any desk in any lab or office space. It achieves a resolution of <1.2 nm, which is sufficient for tasks such as virus identification in clinical samples and morphological nanoparticle analysis.

    Compared to traditional TEM’s, MiniTEM has a convenient size and weight. The microscope can be placed on a normal office desk and can if necessary be controlled from remote work stations or tablets.
  • FAST
    The software includes automated high throughput workflows for quantitative particle and material analysis. You obtain results faster with less hurdleowing you to focus on more valuable work.
    MiniTEMs small size and stable components make the operating cost lower than multipurpose instruments in terms of service and infrastructure. It allows you to focus on the essential parts of your research.
    MiniTEM requires no more training than any simple lab equipment, due to its high degree of automation and intuitive interface. You can use conventional preparation techniques, even without staining.

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