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Helping expand COVID-19 antibody testing capacity

Svar Life Science working to set up ELISA tests for COVID-19 antibody detection 

As current events around COVID-19 continue to evolve, we’re committed to contribute where we can. As a specialist laboratory and assay manufacturer, we are working hard to help address the urgent public health concerns by expanding the number of available COVID-19 antibody test possibilities. 

It’s becoming more and more important to not only monitor who’s infected by the virus now, but also find out who has been exposed to the virus and cleared an infection, perhaps without even knowing it.  

Like in most diseases, the human body produces antibodies to fight infections. Through antibody directed testing targeted to COVID-19, a simple blood test measuring antibodies makes it possible to detect whether someone has been exposed to the COVID-19 virus  

Svar Life Science is now looking to set up ELISA tests for COVID-19 antibody detection to help the identification of people who have been likely to develop antibodies to the virus. 
This information may help determine who can return to work, enabling our communities to secure workforce.  

We are committed to contribute where we can, and these tests may enable people in functions critical to society to go back to work safely and continue to take on front-line jobs during this pandemic. 

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