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The winner of Recipharm’s International Environmental Award

Erik Haeffler Vice President Manufacturing Services & Head of CSR at Recipharm and Professor Alistair Boxall

Recipharm has announced that its 2016 International Environmental Award has been presented to Alistair Boxall, Professor in environmental science at the University of York, for his research into the impact of chemical contaminants on the environment and human health.

Spanning more than two decades, Professor Alistair Boxall’s research has led to an improved understanding of the emerging ecological and health risks posed by chemical contaminants, including pharmaceuticals and nanoparticles, in the natural environment. In addition to his position at the University of York, he currently also serves as an academic coordinator of the Intelligent Assessment of Pharmaceuticals in the Environment (iPiE) project within the Innovative Medicines Initiative, and is also coordinator of the CAPACITIE project, which is currently exploring innovative methods for monitoring pollution in cities.

“I am delighted to receive the award. Our research on chemical contaminants has been a real team effort and the progress we have made wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and commitment of my peers, students and postdocs. It is also a great testament to today’s research programmes that the pharmaceutical industry is recognising the importance of environmental impact and actively adapting practices to reduce the effects of contaminants and safeguard the environment,” said Professor Boxall.


“We are delighted to present the 2016 award to Alistair Boxall. His work, which extends far beyond measuring concentration levels, has helped change attitudes and improve understanding of the detection, fate, effect and risks of contaminants on both human health and whole ecosystems. His research has been integral to building commitment towards environmental matters and is providing valuable guidance for future actions to decrease or avoid the negative effects of chemical contamination,” said Lars Backsell, Chairman of the Board of Recipharm.