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Xbrane Biopharma enters agreement with AGC Biologics

Martin Åmark

Xbrane Biopharma and AGC Biologics, a global Biopharmaceutical CDMO, have entered into an agreement to manufacture Xcimzane, a Cimzia biosimilar candidate, for clinical development.

Under terms of the agreement, the companies will work together to upscale the established Xcimzane manufacturing process and produce several commercial scale batches for upcoming phase I and phase III clinical trials as well as the Comparability Analytical Assessment required for regulatory filing.

“AGC is a high-quality partner with global manufacturing expertise, and we are pleased to enter into this agreement as the next step in the development of Xcimzane towards clinical trials,” says Martin Åmark, CEO Xbrane Biopharma.

Photo of Martin Åmark: Xbrane