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Frida Lawenius is SwedenBIO’s new Deputy Director General

Frida Lawenius has previously been responsible for strategic development and policy at Naturvetarna, the Swedish Association of Professional Scientists.

“The entire value chain for life sciences is present within SwedenBIO and the industry’s success depends on that we connect the different parts of the chain. In order to create success, both when it comes to policy work and when facing the members’ own challenges, I want to take advantage of the competence and experience that the organization possesses,” says Lawenius.

In her new role Lawenius will, together with the Director General, be responsible for providing the industry with a strong voice and she will also navigate strategically in the rapidly changing landscape that both the industry and the organization is facing.

“It is important to have a helicopter perspective in order to place separate problems in their right context. In my previous role I have been studying the complex market of the 21st century in order to understand how we can adjust both politics as well as business logic. Having that experience, I will start listening a lot to our members and their actual needs and develop SwedenBIO’s membership offer so it will continue to be successful in the future,” says Lawenius.

“Frida is a very competent doer who combines an analytical ability with a strategic mindset. We will benefit from this in our task of meeting the industry’s multifaceted demands,” says Helena Strigård, Director General, SwedenBIO.