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Going back to work after vacation – 11 tips

Back to work

Getting back to work after a long and relaxing holiday can be quite hard, perhaps even harder now when we are in the middle of a pandemic.

Here is some advice to make things easier and make your return less stress-free.

1. Plan your return

Most people focus on getting organized for departure, perhaps maximizing their time away and then comes home just the day before work begins. Consider instead to come back one or two days before your job begins and get a more quit, uninterrupted jump on email. It can lessen the impact that first day back at the office.

2. Build in some transition time

If possible, do not schedule meetings during your first days back, you need time to prepare and get ready.

3. Make a list

Create a list of items that must get done on your first days back. When you’re struggling to focus and don’t know where to even start, this is a great way to stay on track and accomplish the bare minimum. And try prioritizing your tasks.

4. Find a working space

Many of us work from home now during the pandemic, so if possible, try to find a special place in your home where you work from. It should be ergonomic and free from distractions, so that you can work easily and focused. Try to keep it clean.

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5. Keep the holiday feeling alive

Perhaps take a walk in a nearby park (barefoot!) during lunch or eat lunch outside.

6. Listen to music

It can help you fight the sluggishness you’ll feel on your first day back to work. Listen to music that keeps you from falling asleep at your desk but also helps you concentrate enough to be able to do your work.

7. Just do it

Just like going to the gym – just do it!

8. Do it together

Speak to your colleagues. Everybody feels the same. You can give each other pep talks.

9. A positive attitude

Focus on the positive and avoid the negative.

10. Sub targets

It may feel like forever until your next holiday but try to divide the year into different parts. A sub target can be the Christmas holiday or just the upcoming weekend.

11. Find your purpose

We need to feel motivated and that we have a purpose at our jobs. Try to formulate your purpose.

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