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Idogen establishes a new method for the preparation of their tolerogenic cell therapy


In January 2019 an evaluation of a number of new potential methods in an improved analysis model was initiated, which makes it possible to assess the tolerogenic effect on human immune cells in the laboratory with improved precision, states the company.

Idogen announced in January 2019 that analyses performed in a scientifically improved evaluation model showed that the company’s technology so far, based on zebularine as an tolerance inducer, did not give the effect that earlier preclinical experiments had indicated.

A more effective method

Therefore, a comprehensive systematic evaluation of a number of alternative tolerance inducers was initiated in order to identify a more effective method to generate dendritic cells that educates the body to tolerate drugs, endogenous molecules and cells. This work has led to the establishment of a new method for the development of the company’s cell therapy projects in the areas of hemophilia (IDO 8), kidney transplant (IDO T) and autoimmune diseases (IDO AID). The new method is based on a carefully selected combination of tolerance inducing substances that will replace zebularine.

A clinical study

Idogen is now continuing the preparation of the company’s tolerogenic cell therapy based on the new method. The next important sub target is to initiate a clinical study of IDO 8 in hemophilia patients who have developed immunity against their treatment.

Patent applications

Based on the positive result from an initial intellectual property assessment, Idogen has started work on compiling patent applications for the new method.

“The success of our systematic evaluation work means that we have been able to establish a significantly stronger method for the preparation of our tolerogenic cell therapy. The last few months have been a test of strength for the company’s employees and with the promising results achieved we can now look back on our efforts with pride. We are now continuing the development of our projects at a fast pace,” says Idogen’s CEO, Lars Hedbys.