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Microsoft and MSD in strategic partnership for Nordic and Baltic life science

The two companies have agreed on a partnership for the Nordic and Baltic markets with the aim to support healthcare.

One possible field of cooperation is the use of cutting-edge technique, such as artificial intelligence, to support early diagnosis for i.a. lung cancer, they state. “The Nordic and Baltic states are at the forefront of technical and medical development. This makes the region ideal for leading in addressing the unmet need in healthcare, based on intelligent and trusted solutions, thereby creating new possibilities for healthcare providers and patients,” says Mathias Ekman, Director Industry Solutions, Microsoft Western Europe. “Healthcare providers in the different countries in the northern and Baltic region face similar challenges. Healthcare is in rapid transformation, but all patients don’t get to reap the benefits of this equally fast, or on equal terms. Bottlenecks and bureaucratic obstacles are there, and the cooperation between Microsoft and MSD is aiming at eliminating such obstacles.”

Life science and health in a broader perspective

“We wish to see life science and health in a broader perspective, where access to data and modern tech solutions will benefit all, including patients, doctors and nurses, the research community, and decision makers,” says Jakob Tellgren, VP Nordics and Baltics, MSD (Merck, Sharp & Dohme). “Being two companies with similar culture and shared values, together we can bring value to patients and to society at large. In the crossroads between our fields of expertise, we see opportunities for innovation.”

The cooperation is long term, with a first phase running for five years and a option for continuation.

Photo of Jakob Tellgren: MSD