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Vironova BioAnalytics acquired by an investor syndicate

Vironova BioAnalytics has announced its acquisition led by QuatreLab (a quality control company created by Columbus Venture Partners) with the participation of Accord Investment Partners and Venture Targeter AB.

Following the completion of the acquisition, the company will be renamed and rebranded as QuTEM.

“We are excited to join forces with these new partners to allow us to provide the pharmaceutical industry with top-quality TEM services, and to expand our capabilities, drive innovation and better serve our clients,” says Josefina Nilsson, CEO of QuTEM (formerly Vironova BioAnalytics).


The strategic decision to rebrand the company as QuTEM reflects the commitment to evolving and delivering cutting-edge TEM solutions to meet the evolving quality control needs of the pharmaceutical sector, described the company. The collaboration will empower QuTEM to expand its services, invest in advanced technologies, and accelerate development efforts. The company will maintain its focus on providing GMP-compliant TEM analyses crucial for pharmaceutical research, development, and quality control.

“Vironova BioAnalytics has a strong track record of delivering precise and reliable TEM analyses. We see potential in this collaboration and are committed to supporting the company’s growth and mission in the pharmaceutical sector,” says Javier García, co-founder and general partner of Columbus Venture Partners.

Photo: iStock