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WntResearch plans clinical phase 1b study

nils brunner wntresearch källa youtube

The company has submitted an application to the Danish Health Authorities regarding permission to start the Foxy-5 clinical phase 1b study.

“This is a very important milestone for WntResearch. I feel confident that the phase 1b study will provide us with the information needed to optimize conditions for the pivotal clinical phase 2 study. The major difference between the phase 1 and 1b studies and the phase 2 study lies in the recruitment of patients. The phase 1 and 1b studies recruit patients who already have metastatic disease and for whom the treating oncologist has no more routine systemic treatment to offer. On the contrary, the phase 2 study will recruit only newly operated cancer patients with no signs of persistent metastatic lesions. Thus, the phase 2 study will give us the final answer to the anti-metastatic efficacy of Foxy-5,” commented Nils Brünner, CEO of WntResearch.

WntResearch AB develops the anti-cancer compound Foxy-5 to be used to combat the metastatic process of cancer. WntResearch has one drug candidate in clinical phase 1, Foxy-5, as well as one candidate drug in preclinical development, Box-5. The company is currently focusing mainly on the development of Foxy-5.

Source: WntResearch