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Acarix in strategic alliance with MED Management


Acarix and MED Management are entering into an agreement for the German outpatient market.

“The CADScor system is perfectly suited for supporting MED Management’s overall strategy of offering solutions to improve patient care, especially in the outpatient market. We see CADScor as an important contributor to our offering and we are looking forward to developing the Acarix business further in Germany,” says Katja Bahr, CEO at MED Management.

“With the CADScor system we have a unique technology that offers an early rule-out for coronary artery disease (CAD) and that enhances the decision process for health care providers. In combination with MED Management’s established network and proven track record in Germany, this will provide many more patients and doctors with access to Acarix’s clinically validated device. This collaboration will be an important complement to our own sales team in Germany and will strengthen our efforts in the German market,” says Per Persson, Chief Commercial Officer at Acarix.

About the companies

MED Management offers services and concepts for patient treatment within cardiology and works closely together with insurance companies, health care providers, administration and medical device suppliers in the outpatient environment.

The CADScor System combines ultra-sensitive acoustic detection of turbulent arterial flows and myocardial movements together with advanced algorithms in one portable device, which provides a patient-specific score that enables non-invasive assessment of the risk of CAD in less than 8 minutes. This provides physicians with a rapid, front line tool for early assessment before moving on to more expensive and invasive methods.