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Acarix initiates multi-center trial

The company has initiated a multi-center trial of its CADScor System for non-invasive, non-radiation acoustic detection of Coronary Artery Disease.

The results from the study are expected to be available early 2020. Acarix believes the device has the potential to both improve triaging of patients and reduce the need for costly further invasive diagnostic investigations. The new study is intended to further support the eligibility, document the positive effects on health economics and also expand the applicability to patients 30-39 years of age. Estimated market for frontline CAD diagnostics is 100 MEUR in Germany alone with an option to expand the market further.

The trial results are expected to involve 1,500-2,000 patients with a low-to-intermediate likelihood of CAD from four Danish hospitals. The study results are expected to improve on the negative predictive value of 96% which suggests using the CADScor System as a first-line CAD rule-out method; thus, avoiding expensive and/or invasive diagnostic modalities for many of those patients.

“The existing data already show that the CADScorSystem quickly and cost-effectively can provide answers to the pressing issues in CAD diagnosis. Coronary Artery Disease affects more than 120 million people worldwide, but the current diagnostic pathway, which can rapidly escalate to expensive imaging and invasive coronary angiography, can be improved and patient anxiety can be reduced. With the DAN-NICADII study we expect to gather performance and economic date supporting the CADScorSystem as a fast and safe frontline assessment to reduce patient referrals by approximately 50% – a win-win for patients, payers and physicians,” said CEO Søren Rysholt Christiansen.

Photo of Søren Rysholt Christiansen: Acarix