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Change in Orion Group Executive Management Board

Julia Macharey has been appointed Senior Vice President of Orion Group’s new People & Culture group-level function and member of the Executive Management Board of Orion Group as of February 1st 2024.

“With this appointment, I wanted to support the implementation of our global growth strategy and to strengthen the building of Orion’s corporate culture. Based on her previous experience and track record, Julia Macharey will bring both global organizational and business perspective to Orion,” says Orion’s President & CEO Liisa Hurme.

Julia Macharey

She will report to President & CEO Liisa Hurme. She currently holds the position of Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Operational Development at Valmet and is a member of the Valmet Executive Team. Julia Macharey holds a Master of Science degree in Economics and a Bachelor of Arts degree.

“I am very excited about the opportunity of joining a team of world-class experts who endeavor to improve well-being through life-saving and life-improving medicines and treatments. Orion’s people-oriented culture based on working together to create high-quality products is only one of the many reasons why I am looking forward to supporting Orion on its growth path,” says Julia Macharey about the appointment.

The new People & Culture function

The new People & Culture function will focus on developing Orion’s professionals, capabilities and company culture and supporting growth, and Human Resources will be at the heart of this new group-level function as of February 1st.

“Orion’s organisation has seen significant geographical expansion in recent years, and we want to continue developing our people and culture in a global and systematic way. I am excited about the new opportunities in this and I warmly welcome Julia to Orion and to our management team,” says Liisa Hurme.

Photo of office wok at Orion: Maija Astikainen