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LIDDS adds Lithuanian clinics to phase I study

LIDDS Syringe

LIDDS has received approval from authorities in Lithuania to conduct its Phase I study, NZ-DTX-001.

The aim of the phase I dose escalation clinical trial is to assess the tolerability and safety of intratumoral injections of NanoZolid with docetaxel, a well-established cytostatic used in the treatment of cancer with an estimated global market of over USD 1 billion. LIDDS enrolled the first patient in spring and further patients are planned to be treated in Q4, 2019.

“This is very exciting as we hope that NanoZolid combined with docetaxel will decrease the tumor size and improve surgery and radiation therapy outcomes. In the Phase I study, LIDDS aims to demonstrate that intratumoral injections with cytostatics are safe and we expect that following this study a wide range of different indications and NanoZolid combinations using chemotherapy drugs will emerge,” says Monica Wallter, CEO of LIDDS. “Our goal is to deliver drugs directly into the cancer tumor and thereby limit the severe side effects for cancer sufferers receiving systemic chemotherapy treatments which affect all cells in the body including the immune system.”



A phase Ia/Ib, first-in-human, open label, multicenter, dose-escalation and dose-expansion study of a novel NanoZolid-docetaxel depot formulation (NZ-DTX Depot) given as an intratumoral injection in patients with advanced solid tumors.

Previously the phase I study is approved in Sweden and Denmark.