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Milestone for Fermion’s new plant

Fermion Hanko

Fermion Oy, which manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for the global market, has entered the commissioning phase of its new plant in Hanko.

The new manufacturing facility will replace the company’s oldest manufacturing unit. At the same time, it will ensure Fermion’s preparedness for the production of the active ingredients for Orion’s new products now in the clinical trial phase.

Fermion currently manufactures azathioprine, which is an antirejection drug included in the WHO Essential Medicines List, and used, for example, in organ transplants. In 2016 Fermion, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Finnish Orion, announced its investment of more than EUR 30 million in the modernisation of production equipment at its plant in Hanko.


Nearly 100% of Fermion’s production is exported. The largest market areas are the USA and Europe. In addition, the APIs manufactured by the company are exported to India, for example, where production costs are significantly lower than in Finland.

The Minister attended the opening

The opening of the new production unit at the Hanko plant was celebrated on 14 June. The Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Anne-Mari Virolainen and the Mayor of Hanko Denis Strandell, among others, attended the opening.

“It is great to see how Finnish production and high-level expertise is in demand around the world. The opening of Fermion’s new production unit in Hanko is a good example of the domestic investment by a Finnish company operating in the international market bearing fruit,” says Minister Virolainen.