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Nanoform and Herantis sign a letter of intent to collaborate


Nanoform Finland and Herantis Pharma have signed a letter of intent to collaborate to seek to enhance nasal drug delivery to the brain of Herantis’ CDNF and xCDNF therapies (Parkinson’s disease) using Nanoform’s biological nanoparticle technology.

The planned and non-exclusive collaboration is intended to assess the utility of Nanoform’s latest platform technology for biologic drugs. The technology was recently launched, post filing of a provisional patent application with the US Patent Office, to enable production of biological nanoparticles as small as 50 nm.

“We look forward to working together to enhance and enable superior formulations of the pioneering new drugs we have developed. Nanoform’s technologies show much promise for enhanced drug delivery applications in this complex and challenging field. It is our hope that this will open up new possibilities for improving the lives of patients with Parkinson’s and other related diseases. We value the opportunity to enter into collaboration with Nanoform and look forward to what the future brings,” said Craig Cook, CEO, Herantis Pharma.

Increase the probability of success for enhanced BBB penetration in the nasal drug delivery route for CDNF and x-CDNF

Subject to finalizing definitive agreements, Nanoform will in this partnership carry out, for compensation on standard commercial terms, two Proof of Concept studies on Herantis’ CDNF and xCDNF molecules leveraging Nanoform’s novel platform and its in-house formulation expertise. The goal of the planned collaboration is to increase the probability of success for enhanced BBB (Blood-Brain-Barrier) penetration in the nasal drug delivery route for CDNF and x-CDNF.

Nanoform is committed to supporting Herantis in the development of these programs and has undertaken to invest, subject to certain customary conditions, 1,600,000 euros in a planned immediate directed share issue by Herantis.

“We are delighted to support Herantis Pharma in their development programs in CDNF and latest generation xCDNF molecules. Completing this deal validates the strong market interest in, and potential value that, Nanoform’s platform technologies can add to pharmaceutical development programs and to the patient,” said Edward Hæggström, CEO of Nanoform.

Photo: iStock