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Norwegian order for Sectra


The major Norwegian healthcare region, Helse Vest, is investing in a digital media archive from Sectra.

The total order value amounts to EUR 2 million. Sectra’s solution will be used to manage medical images and videos in the region, including images from ultrasound and endoscopy examinations.

“Using Sectra’s solution, we will be able to efficiently manage the numerous images generated at Helse Vest in addition to radiology images. The digital media archive will link these images to our patient journal system, thus creating wide-ranging benefits for doctors and patients alike,” says Erik M. Hansen, Director of Helse Vest.

“An increasing number of care providers are seeing the advantages of using Sectra’s IT systems – not only in their radiology departments, but also in other image-intensive units,” says Petter Østbye, head of Sectra’s medical IT operations in Scandinavia. “Consolidated image management is an area that offers excellent potential to further increase the efficiency and quality of healthcare.”