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OnDosis expands collaboration with Tiefenbacher Group

Martin Olovsson

OnDosis and German B2B pharmaceutical company Tiefenbacher Group initiate four new development projects targeting ADHD, rare diseases and transplantation medicine.

Last year, the two companies began cooperating on an ADHD treatment that has already received attention in the USA, states the company in a press release.

“Whilst our first ADHD project fast approaches final stages of development, we are thrilled to partner up with Tiefenbacher for no less than four more projects that will greatly expand our portfolio,” says Martin Olovsson, CEO OnDosis. “Some of the critical and heart-warming targets include helping those with serious rare diseases, and patients that have undergone an organ transplant. Two patient groups where finely tuned and individualized doses of the prescribed medications are critical to outcomes and necessary to for patients to live a better everyday life.”

Each patient’s specific needs can be met with individualized doses

The partnership aims to develop and commercialize products in the intersection between traditional drug-based medicine and digital therapeutics. The five products developed are planned for launch 2023 and onwards.

The team at OnDosis consists of experts in developing and designing solutions, including intuitive, user-friendly, and connected devices that deliver medicine and enables digital solutions to be integrated. As a result, each patient’s specific needs can be met with individualized doses that the patient or the doctor can adjust should the need arise, states the company. The collection of data on dosing linked to outcomes open up a new field of a closed loop disease management. Ultimately, the goal is to achieve algorithm-based dosing through predictive modeling leading to personalized treatments.

Another novelty is to dispense the drugs as pellets instead of pills or capsules, making them easier to consume.

Reach the market in 2023-2024

Tiefenbacher’s expertise guarantees efficient development of medicines in a form that allows individual dosing whilst meeting the most rigorous quality and safety standards, states OnDosis. Also, Tiefenbacher’s competence within supply chain and B2B commercialization will be instrumental when the first products developed by Tiefenbacher and OnDosis reach the market in 2023-2024, the company states.

Photo of Martin Olovsson: HR Foto